Cruzcat Catalog Tutorial

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Question 1:

In which scenario should you use Cruzcat?



Question 2:

Which would be the best keyword search for finding books about Cuban music?


Question 3:

Why would you put quotation marks (“ ”) around words when searching Cruzcat?


Question 4:

Find the book with the title EATING AGENDAS.

Where is it located?


Question 5:

What is the call number of the book EATING AGENDAS?


Question 6:

On which floor of the Science & Engineering library is the book EATING AGENDAS?


Question 7:

Your professor has asked you to find a book by the author James Paul Gee. What is the best way to start your search?


Question 8:

How many books does the library have by the author James Paul Gee?


Question 9:

The library has a book on quantum marvels. What is its title?


Question 10:

Is the book Quantum Chance available online?


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